43 Sleepover Ideas for Teens that they will love. These fun sleepover ideas include spa night, movie marathons, fun sleepover games and much more.

43 Sleepover Ideas for Teens that they will love. These fun sleepover ideas include spa night, movie marathons, fun sleepover games and much more. All of the ideas are budget friendly and we have snacks, games, activities and themes. #onecrazymom #SleepoverIdeasforTeens #sleepoverideasforteengirls

Fun Sleepover Ideas for Teens

We have fun activities for teens that everyone will love for sleepover parties. These sleepover games for teens are guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

Each of these slumber party ideas is budget friendly but so much fun. Kids just love to hang out with their best friend and these ideas will create lasting memories for friends.

43 Sleepover Ideas for Teens that they will love. These fun sleepover ideas include spa night, movie marathons, fun sleepover games and much more. All of the ideas are budget friendly and we have snacks, games, activities and themes. #onecrazymom #SleepoverIdeasforTeens #sleepoverideasforteengirls

1. Color Changing Polish

Teen girls love to get their nails done. This is always a popular sleepover activity and this color changing polish is tons of fun.

Color Changing Polish
DIY Color Changing Nail Polish is so simple to make and a blast to use. Learn how to make color changing nail polish.
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2. Make Color Changing Slime

Slime is always a ton of fun and this DIY slime is a blast to make and play with. It actually changes colors for even more fun.

Make Color Changing Slime
Learn how to make color changing slime and impress your kids. If they are crazy over slime, they are going to have a blast making this color changing slime recipe.
Check out this recipe

3. Make Perler Beads Bracelets

Perler Beads make a fun activity for a girls sleepover and everyone can make bracelets. They come in an assortment of colors and kids can choose their own to make a design.

Make Perler Beads Bracelets
Learn how to make Perler Beads Bracelets with these simple instructions. Kids will have a blast making this DIY Perler Beads Bracelet. They are so fun and colorful.
Check out this recipe

4. Make Popsicle Stick Bracelets

Learn how to transform plain popsicle sticks into gorgeous bracelets. This inexpensive craft activity is so easy and the kids will be amazed at the results.

Make Popsicle Stick Bracelets
Bracelets made from popsicle sticks are so much fun to make. Give these craft stick bracelets a try and see how cool they turn out. They are also very inexpensive to make.
Check out this recipe

5. DIY Charcoal Mask

The girls can apply a facial mask while they are watching a movie. This DIY Charcoal Mask is easy to make for a crowd and inexpensive as well.

DIY Charcoal Mask
Prepare to have visibly clearer skin after using this DIY Charcoal Mask. Learn how to make this activated charcoal mask diy that pulls dirt from pores leaving skin refreshed.
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6. Glow in the Dark Theme 

Once it gets dark, bring out the glow sticks for lots of Glow in the Dark fun. There are so many fun ideas to try once the sun goes down.

Glow in the Dark Theme
Find over 20 Glow in the dark party ideas that are easy and budget friendly. Your next party will be fabulous with these decorations. From cool decor ideas to tasty snacks, we have ideas to make your party complete from start to finish!
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7. Make Kool-Aid Lip Balm

Kids can choose their favorite flavor of Kool-Aid and make lip balm with it. It is a fun activity and doubles as a party favor as well.

Make Kool-Aid Lip Balm
DIY Koolaid Lip Gloss is a ton of fun to make while also so moisturizing. Make this super easy diy lip gloss for kids that is a blast to make and use.
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8. Watch Scary Movies

Horror Movies can be a fun addition to your sleepover depending on the ages of the kids.

Watch Scary Movies
Need scary Halloween movies for teens, tweens, or adults? Whether you’re looking for Netflix Halloween movies, Prime movies, Hulu streaming movies and more, you’ll find something to spook your teenagers and adults alike!
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9. Movie Night Bingo

Gather the kids and play a round or two of Bingo. Kids love Bingo and you can even provide prizes for the winners if you like.

Movie Night Bingo
As a family of 5 we sometimes we have a hard time choosing a movie or deciding if we should play a game or watch a movie, so a few years back we created a new idea where family game night meets family movie night –and it was a total WIN!
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10. Backyard Camping

Camping in the backyard is a blast and makes the perfect sleepover activity.

Backyard Camping
Here are tips to on how to make camping more fun at your house right in your own yard, including backyard camping party ideas and which kids pop-up backyard camping and sleepover tent is good. Perfect party idea for backyard glamping, tween or teen slumber parties, or weekend family activities.
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11. Make Chocolate Popsicles

Chocolate Popsicles are so delicious and everyone at the sleepover will love this ice cream.

Make Chocolate Popsicles
Homemade Chocolate Popsicles are super easy to make. These fudge pops are decadent and refreshing. Your family will go crazy over these. 
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12. Play Scavenger Hunt

Send the kids on a fun scavenger hunt and see who can complete it first.

Play Scavenger Hunt
Of all the boredom-busting activities for kids, scavenger hunts may be the most versatile. You can adapt them to pretty much any situation: They can be an indoor activity or an outdoor activity. 
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13. Board Games

Classic games such as Monopoly, Checkers and more make a fun activity for kids.

Board Games
Are you planning an epic slumber party with your friends but need some iconic party games to make it a night to remember? Good news: you've come to the right place
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14. Pillow Games

There isn’t anything like classic pillow fights to prompt lots of laughs for kids.

Pillow Games
No sleepover is complete without some good, old-fashioned pillow fighting! Break out the pillows and let the games begin with these fun ideas.
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15. Pen and Paper Games

Don’t forget about old fashioned paper games. The ideas are endless and it might be fun to introduce kids to some of these games.

Pen and Paper Games
Everyone should know how to play pen and paper games! They make great icebreakers, waiting games, quick boredom busters, and fun activities for gatherings with friends or family.
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16. Combination Man Drawing Game

Kids add to the drawing as it goes around the room. The results are so much fun and will make everyone laugh.

Combination Man Drawing Game
The Combination Man (also known as exquisite corpse drawing game) is a fun drawing activity to do with family or friends. 
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17. Hot Cocoa Bar

Snack Time is always a great idea for sleepovers and this hot chocolate does not disappoint.

Serve Hot Chocolate Bomb
Hot chocolate bombs are so easy to make and a ton of fun to enjoy. Not only are they decadent but you will save money making these at home.
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18. Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

Spin the bottle and find out what color of nail polish each girl will use. This is a great party activity and tons of fun.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle
The spin the nail polish bottle game (the nail paints game) is a popular sleepover game for girls. Also called the nail polish roulette slumber party game, it’s an awesome party activity for teens, tween games, or even toe nail games for younger kids.
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19. Spa-themed Sleepover

Enjoy a spa themed sleepover with these activities including hair, nails and more.

Spa-themed Sleepover
A spa themed sleepover is one of the most popular party themes for girls. Not only do the sleepover girls get to pretend to be grown-ups while getting their hair, nails, and facials done at your "spa," they can also win fun (and inexpensive) prizes in the process.
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20. DIY Face Mask

Get in the spa mood with this DIY Face Mask. It is budget friendly to make and luxurious.

DIY Face Mask
As well as providing you with glorious spa party kits that include slippers, headbands, wash cloths and face masks we are also able to provide you with the option to make your own natural face scrub. We love to give you people the tools to make their own natural treatments.
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21. Face Painting

You can make homemade face paint that will provide so much fun for an activity.

Face Painting
Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is just around the corner. From carving pumpkins, to costumes to candy, it’s no wonder kids love Halloween! This year, step up your “costume game” and incorporate homemade face paint to any costume or character.
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22. Lip Balm

Make this all natural cocoa lip balm for a fun activity and a useful take home gift.

All Natural Cocoa Butter Lip balm
Check out this recipe

23. Do a Science Experiment

Choose one of these fun science experiments for a fun and creative activity. Kids will have fun and learn something new.

Do a Science Experiment
Each of these easy STEM challenges and science experiments will take about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.
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24. DIY Pillowcase

Everyone can design their own pillowcase and have so much fun creating it.

DIY Pillowcase
Keep everyone entertained at the next sleepover party with this ultra-colorful kids’ DIY! Learn how to make personalized pillowcases using Tulip Fabric Markers with this tutorial from Craft Box Girls. Kids will have a blast coloring on their pillows
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25. Play Dance Freeze

Freeze Dance is a fun way to get everyone moving and play a fun game. You can also get out your karaoke machine.

Play Dance Freeze
Assign players as a look-out and have them pick out a unique dance move. When the music stops, they demonstrate the move for everyone; the group tries the new move at the start of the next round.
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26. Play “Would You Rather”

Would you rather is a fun way to get to know each other and hear some amusing answers.

Play “Would You Rather”
Sometimes getting to know people can be tough—especially when you’re trying to come up with topics to talk about. To get rid of the awkwardness and help make things easier, try playing a question game, like "Would You Rather…?"
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27. Tiktok Sleepover Theme

Make creative videos in this TikTok themed party idea with props and more.

Tiktok Sleepover
Need TikTok birthday sleepover ideas? Looking for fun sleepover ideas for teens and tweens? Try a TikTok party theme that kids will love!
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28. Ask Each Other Random Questions

Ask everyone these random questions to find out more about each person and have lots of fun.

Ask Each Other Random Questions
Are you tired of having the weird, awkward moments at the beginning of sleepovers? These sleepover conversation starters will fill you with joy and excitement and kickstart the party! So if you’re ready to have some epic sleepovers, use these sleepover questions ASAP.
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29. Play Two Truths and a Lie

Kids get to guess what is the actual truth and what is a lie in this amusing game.

Play Two Truths and a Lie
If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends, family or people you just met, Two Truths and a Lie (or 2 Truths & A Lie) is a great choice
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30. Watch Classic 90s Teen Movies

Movie Marathon Night is always a hit and even better with tasty snacks.

Watch Classic 90s Teen Movies
Craving a girls’ night in, but don’t know what to do? We know you’re tired of the same old gossip and makeover sleepovers, so try something new! Rather than hosting the classic slumber party, throw a spring spirited movie night! 
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31. Play Charades

These charade ideas will keep everyone guessing for tons of fun.

Play Charades
Whether you're hosting a crowd or declaring a family screen-free night, these charade ideas and words will keep everyone entertained
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32. Minute to Win it Games

Minute to Win it Games are interactive and so much fun. There are several to choose from.

Minute to Win it Games
Easy minute to win it games with no supplies is suitable to interact whenever and wherever you are. Winner is identified within a minute of playing.
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33. Decorate Monster Cupcakes

You are never too old for decorating cupcakes. Everyone can choose their favorite monster and decorate a cupcake.

Decorate Monster Cupcakes
These fun Monster Cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween party or just for a fun Halloween treat. Make an assortment of colors and add monster eyes for the best Halloween cupcakes
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34. DIY Trampoline

If you have a trampoline, it is easy to give it a makeover with lights, sleeping bags and blankets to make a fort. Add a few balloons and the blanket forts are complete.

DIY Trampoline
Upgrade your sleepovers by transforming your trampoline into the perfect bed for a night under the stars. This setup is sure to create unforgettable summer memories—and we created a step-by-step guide on everything you'll need
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35. Glow in the Dark Games

Once it gets dark, bring out the these glow-in the dark games for hours of fun.

Glow in the Dark Games
Having a party and need some fun activities to do? Why not try these glow in the dark games? They’re great for kids of all ages, teens, older kids and adults. Whether you’re having a birthday party, a sleepover or just want some fun glow stick games to play, you’re going to have so much fun.
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36. Play the Sticky Note Story Game

If you are looking for an inexpensive game to play with guests, try the Post It Note Game. It is sure to be fun.

Play the Sticky Note Story Game
The sticky note story game (aka: post it note story game, sticky note scramble, or the sticky note collaboration game) is a hilarious party game for holiday party games, things to do at teenager sleepovers, or even funny adult party games! 
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37. Play with Hairstyles

Try these pretty hairstyles for a fun activity that costs absolutely nothing. You can also do makeup and have a photo booth.

Play with Hairstyles
Of all the types of braids, the fishtail braid is one of the most intimidating. But worry not — it's way simpler than it seems. Allow these YouTube beauty gurus to show you how it's done.
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38. Popcorn Bar

There are so many delicious and inexpensive options to try with popcorn. The flavor combinations are endless.

Popcorn Night
Take your favorite classic popcorn to a whole new level with these flavored popcorn recipes. We’ve rounded up 55 recipes for flavored popcorn that you can make at home
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39. DIY Bouncy Balls

Teach the kids how to make bouncy balls and these actually glow in the dark.

DIY Bouncy Balls
Gather the kids and make these cool DIY Bouncy Balls. They are going to have a blast learning how to make a bouncy ball. Even better, they glow in the dark.
Check out this recipe

40. DIY Painted Rocks

Let the kid’s creativity shine with these bright and fun colorful rocks.

DIY Painted Rocks
DIY Painted Rocks is a fun activity that can also brighten someone’s day. You can paint various designs, sayings and more to encourage and uplift others.
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41. Chalk Painting

Make chalk art in the driveway and everyone can choose their favorite designs.

Chalk Painting
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42. Fun Flashlight Games

Flashlight Games never get old as an idea for sleepovers for teens. This classic idea will be a hit once the lights go out.

Fun Flashlight Games
With shorter days on the horizon, there’s one foolproof way to keep the fun going after dark: flashlight games. Turn any old night at home into a memorable evening with these twists on old classics. Psst! We threw in a few new inventions, too. Read on to light up your night.
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43. Fashion Show Sleepover

Hit the runway and host a fashion show. It is the perfect party activity and you can also toss in a talent show too!

Fashion Show Sleepover
Looking from some different party themes for girls? Here’s how to host a fashion show sleepover party for girls, a party guaranteed to never go out of style! Read on for some tips on staging your party.
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Sleepover Ideas for Teen Girls

There are so many fun sleepover ideas for teens to choose from. What do you plan to do first at the next slumber party?

43 Sleepover Ideas for Teens that they will love. These fun sleepover ideas include spa night, movie marathons, fun sleepover games and much more. All of the ideas are budget friendly and we have snacks, games, activities and themes. #onecrazymom #SleepoverIdeasforTeens #sleepoverideasforteengirls

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