These fun Crafts for Teens include art projects, cool crafts, easy diy and more. 45 arts and crafts for teens that are simple but so much fun.

These fun Crafts for Teens include art projects, cool crafts, easy diy and more. 45 arts and crafts for teens that are simple but so much fun. Get creative with these trendy crafts teens and tweens will love. #onecrazymom #craftsforteens #teencrafts

Fun Crafts for Teens

If you are looking for crafts that teens will love, give these arts and crafts ideas a try. These craft ideas for teens are so much fun and will provide tons of memories spending time together. Make a day of crafting and include some Milky Way Cookies for a great time.

From jewelry crafts to DIY projects with mod podge and paper flowers, the ideas are endless for crafts for teens and tweens. If you are looking for more fun ideas, try these Sleepover Ideas for Teens.

These fun Crafts for Teens include art projects, cool crafts, easy diy and so much more. 45 arts and crafts for teens that are simple but so much fun. Get creative with these fun crafts teens and tweens will love. #onecrazymom #craftsforteens #teencrafts

1. Paper Flowers

This craft project is great for teens and super easy to make. It is also so much fun for decorating or special occasions. Coordinate the colors to your teen’s room or party they are planning.

Paper Flowers
Paper flowers are so fun and perfect for baby showers, decor and much more. Learn how to make paper flowers in just a few easy steps. These are so simple and really stunning.
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2. Hydro Dip

Give your water bottle a makeover and learn how to hydro dip. This craft for tween and teens is sure to be a hit. The final product looks so gorgeous.

Hydro Dip
Have you been wondering how to hydro dip? We have a very simple but fun tutorial so you can learn all about hydro dipping. Skip the hydro dip kits and make this easily at home for gorgeous hydro dipped items.
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3. Snow Globe

Shake things up with this fun and whimsical snow globe perfect for a teen activity. You can add anything you like and personalize this fun snow glob.

Snow Globe
This DIY Snow Globe is a fun craft activity for the entire family. Homemade snow globes are a blast to make and so easy and budget friendly.
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4. Perler Beads Bracelets

Choose from an assortment of beads and make a personalized bracelet. This is a modern take on classic friendship bracelets. The color choices and combinations are endless.

Perler Beads Bracelets
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5. Fleece Tie Blanket

Cozy up with a soft new blanket. Choose your favorite pattern and make a blanket. This is a fun teen activity that also doubles as the perfect item to use year round.

Fleece Tie Blanket
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6. Popsicle Stick Bracelets

It is so much fun to see how these popsicle sticks transform into a bracelet. This is a new take on friendship bracelets and the design options are plentiful.

Popsicle Stick Bracelets
Learn how to make popsicle stick bracelets. These craft sticks bracelets will be a hit with everyone! You will love these bracelets made from popsicle sticks! The kids will have a blast decorating popsicle stick jewelry! Try making popsicle stick crafts!
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7. DIY Paper Pinwheels

Pick your favorite scrapbook paper and make paper pinwheels. These would be stunning displayed in a vase.

DIY Paper Pinwheels
Learn how to Make Paper Pinwheels with just a few supplies. These are so fun and whimsical!
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8. Name Sign from a Pallet

Not only is this a fun activity but it is a great gift. The entire project is very inexpensive and looks beautiful. Gather the teens and make this fun pallet DIY.

Name Sign from a Pallet
Make this DIY last name sign for less than $10. This easy pallet craft idea is super easy and turns out amazing.
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9. Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder

You can get all your supplies for this DIY project at your local dollar store. It will give your home such a festive glow.

Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder
Looking to jazz up your holiday decor on a budget? Try this DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder that takes only minutes to make and leaves a festive glow for your home.
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10. I Love You To Pieces Craft

Don’t toss old puzzle pieces. Turn them into this adorable craft.

I Love You To Pieces Craft
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are going to have a blast making this I love you to pieces craft. Turn an old puzzle into the cutest homemade valentines day gift idea. This is the perfect activity to make with the kids!
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11. Origami Bookmarks

With only 2 items needed for this project, it is very simple to make. Let your creativity shine and choose a design.

Origami Bookmarks
Give this origami bookmark a try for a fun activity for the kiddos. You only need 2 items to make this bookmark making it frugal, easy and fun!
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12. Bow Scrunchie

Learn how easy it is to make a homemade bow scrunchie. Choose the fabric you love and get started today.

Bow Scrunchie
We have another fun DIY and you can easily learn how to make a bow scrunchie. With just a few simple steps and supplies, you will be making a bow scrunchie in no time at all!
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13. Handprint Flowers

Make a special gift with construction paper handprints. It is always a special memory.

Handprint Flowers
Handprint Flowers are perfect to make for Mother’s Day, birthdays and more. This special gift will be cherished for years to come by Mom, Grandma and other
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14. DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry

Make clay jewelry for a fun teen craft idea and enjoy having new accessories to wear.

DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry
We have even more fun and easy Polymer Clay Jewelry ideas to try. Learn how to make a polymer clay necklace that is so fun and really pretty.
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15. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Anyone can make these cool pom poms from tissue paper. They make great room decor or for special occasions.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Tissue paper pom poms are so pretty and perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal luncheons and more. Learn how to make these easily with dollar store supplies.
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16. Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper flowers make a great statement piece and you can create any color combination.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Tissue paper flowers are so simple to make and you can use any color combination you like. These are perfect for room decor, parties and more!
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17. DIY Wind Chimes

These colorful and pretty wind chimes take just minutes to make and you can give them as a gift.

DIY Wind Chimes
DIY wind chimes are really simple to make. Learn how to make wind chimes. It's so simple and easy. Everyone will have a blast making these pretty wind chimes.
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18. DIY Scrunchie No Sew

No worries if you do not sew. Anyone can make this scrunchie in any color they want.

DIY Scrunchie No Sew
Learn how to make this easy DIY Scrunchie No Sew in just minutes. This super easy diy scrunchie is so fun to make and they turn out gorgeous. Once you start making these, you will see just how simple it is.
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19. DIY Painted Rocks

Brighten someone’s day with these painted rocks. Hide them around various places and wait for the excitement to spread.

DIY Painted Rocks
DIY Painted Rocks is a fun activity that can also brighten someone’s day. You can paint various designs, sayings and more to encourage and uplift others.
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20. Hydro Drip Shoes

Jazz up your plain shoes with this hydro dip method. It does not disappoint and looks great.

Hydro Drip Shoes
Today we are going to show you how to hydro dip shoes! It is super easy and turns out with a gorgeous design. Once you try this, you will love it!
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21. Polymer Clay Charms

It is actually very simple to make clay charms with this easy tutorial.

Polymer Clay Charms
Learn how to make polymer clay charms with just a few easy steps. These are a blast to make and make the cutest charms for book bags, key chains and more.
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22. DIY Velvet Scrunchie

Velvet scrunchies are perfect for Fall and so easy to make. These step by step instructions are super easy.

DIY Velvet Scrunchie
DIY Velvet Scrunchies are so fun to make and cute to wear. Learn how to make a diy scrunchie with this easy tutorial.
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23. DIY Photo Block

This custom wooden block is perfect for your desk, a gift or anything you like. Everyone will enjoy the photo.

DIY Photo Block
Make this adorable Wooden Photo Block sure to be the perfect gift. You will love how this DIY Photo Block turns out. Make this personalized photo block with just a few supplies.
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24. Heart Shaped Wreath

You will be amazed at how simple it is to make a heart shaped wreath with inexpensive supplies.

Heart Shaped Wreath
This easy DIY Heart Shaped Wreath is a breeze to make and inexpensive. Get your home ready for Valentine’s Day with this Valentine Day wreath.
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25. DIY No Sew Blanket Scarf

No sewing ability needed to make this blanket scarf. It is gorgeous and perfect for the colder months.

DIY No Sew Blanket Scarf
Once you learn how to make a blanket scarf, you will see how simple and easy it is. No need to buy these stylish scarves at the store when you can  easily make them at home for less! Try this no sew scarf today.
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26. ‘Just Write for Me’ Printables

Get a jump start on Valentine’s Day with these heart cut outs. You can add a pencil, pen or highlighter.

‘Just Write for Me’ Printables
Skip the expensive cards and get this free printable valentine heart. With a few supplies, anyone can make these “You are just write for me valentine printables“. 
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27. DIY Sharpie Mugs

Customize a mug with your very own design. This is so cute and looks perfect for any occasion using sharpie markers.

DIY Sharpie Mugs
Make a DIY Sharpie Mug for the perfect gift idea. DIY Sharpie mugs are so fun to make. Learn how to personalize mugs with a sharpie. 
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28. DIY Headband Holder

If you struggle with tons of headbands laying around, this easy holder is perfect for you to make.

DIY Headband Holder
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29. DIY Stress Balls

Help reduce stress and make these whimsical stress balls. They are so easy and the cutest DIY project.

DIY Stress Balls
Learn how to make a stress ball that not only helps to reduce stress but is so fun to make.  You will love how simple it is to make this DIY Stress Ball and they are so cute.
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30. Tie Dye Soap

Homemade Soap is easy to make and this tie dye version is super cute.

Tie Dye Soap
This homemade soap recipe is so easy to make. Anyone can easily learn how to make soap at home. Kids will go crazy over Tie Dye Soap. 
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31. IKEA Magazine Holder

Pick up an inexpensive magazine holder and give it an upgrade. Teens will love using duck tape.

IKEA Magazine Holder
Want an easy craft idea? Grab an IKEA magazine holder and paint it as unique home decor or for a gift! Add your favorite Duck Tape – to personalize.
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32. Waffle Cone Ice Cream Painted Flower Pots

Grab a clay pot and decorate it to look like an ice cream cone. It is so much fun.

Waffle Cone Ice Cream Painted Flower Pots
These fun Waffle Cone Ice Cream Painted Flower Pots are a simple to make and even topped with a cherry! Perfect for summer decor, an ice cream social or to satisfy your DIY sweet tooth. 
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33. DIY Candy Button Dot Earrings

If you love Candy Button Dots, make earrings that look just like them. The colors are stunning.

DIY Candy Button Dot Earrings
If you’re looking for a quick, easy and ridiculously inexpensive gift idea for your friends or family, these DIY candy button dot earrings are just the thing for you!
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34. DIY Bath Bombs

Create bath bombs for the perfect spa experience. They are fun to make and use.

DIY Bath Bombs
Make this DIY Bath Bomb recipe at home for fantastic bath bombs without the price tag. No need to pay crazy prices when you can make these at home so easily.
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35. DIY Easter Treat Pouch

With a little felt and some embellishments, it is so easy to make a treat pouch for Easter.

DIY Easter Treat Pouch
Are you looking for a fun way to hand out candy this Easter? This DIY Easter Treat Pouch is adorable and perfect to hand out with little treats! This would be a fun idea for friends at school, students and more! Just a little fun way of saying “Happy Easter”
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36. Heart String Art

String Art is easy to turn into so many different designs. This heart design is so colorful.

Heart String Art
I’m obsessed with String Art! And it’s something that you might even have everything on-hand to make one for yourself on a whim. Today’s project is Heart String Art, but it will apply to How to Make String Art in any shape!
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37. Cute Concrete Planter

Teens will be amazed at these concrete molds and the fun shapes you can make.

Cute Concrete Planter
These cute concrete planters are an adorable addition to any home or garden! The molds are made of recyclable materials and concrete mix is very inexpensive to buy. You can switch up the plants in these planters to give these little guys a fresh new 'do.
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38. Dollar Store Hanging Flower Basket

Head over to the Dollar Store and gather the supplies for this gorgeous hanging basket.

Dollar Store Hanging Flower Basket
Today I want to share with you this cute Dollar Store flower hanging basket.I’m joining my friends in the Seasons of Simplicity tours hosted by my dear friend Krista. 
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39. DIY Embellished Zippered Pouch

Make a pouch for makeup, accessories or coins with this easy DIY.

DIY Embellished Zippered Pouch
I can introduce you to the incredibly easy DIY Embellished Zippered Pouch project. This is a no-sew version of how to add embellished trim to fabric.
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40. DIY Decoupage Coasters

Mod Podge is super easy to use for an assortment of craft projects. Learn how to make these fun and useful coasters.

DIY Decoupage Coasters
Today, I have a little DIY decoupage coasters craft to share with you. The coasters are made by Mod Podging napkins onto the surface, so you can have a lot of fun choosing different napkin designs to go with whatever theme you choose. 
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41. DIY Flamingo Snow Globes

Snow Globes don’t have to be only for Winter. Make this flamingo version for a whimsical touch all year round.

DIY Flamingo Snow Globes
I have a thing for flamingos and palm trees, so I figured I needed to create a DIY project that combines the two …. DIY flamingo snow globes !
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42. DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath

Everyone will love this simple wreath made from a hoop and decorated with a banner and flowers.

DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath
This canvas banner hoop wreath was a cinch to put together and if you have 30 spare minutes, you can make it, too! You KNOW we’re no strangers to wreath making… we have over 20 styles if this one isn’t your flavor! Take a peek at some of our past DIY Wreaths.
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43. Mason Jar Superhero Banks

Turn plain mason jars into superhero banks for a great activity and gift.

Mason Jar Superhero Banks
Has your child recently started earning a weekly allowance? Perhaps he or she is being paid for chores, babysitting, or received a generous financial gift from a doting relative? In this post, learn how to DIY a Mason Jar Superhero Bank to help your child learn about the importance of saving, spending, and donating their money.
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44. DIY Neon Jewelry Stand

Display jewelry on this Neon Stand for an inexpensive way for teens to organize your accessories.

DIY Neon Jewelry Stand
After I made my jewelry stand months ago, my daughter wanted one for herself. This DIY Neon Jewelry Stand is costs less than $10 and is simple enough for kids of any age to create (though it will be easier for kids ages 8-12). Depending on the paints you use, the color possibilities are endless!
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45. DIY Pom-Pom Mouse Pad

Spruce up a mouse pad with this DIY craft complete with pom poms.

DIY Pom-Pom Mouse Pad
Because everyone needs their own pom-pom mouse pad, right?! I’m always on the hunt for more ways to use one of my favorite crafting supplies, and I came up with these colorful mouse pads to make as gifts. I made several for friends over the holidays, and of course had to make one for my desk too! 
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There are so many great craft ideas to choose from. Which easy diy project will you try first? The options for cool diy projects are endless.

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These fun Crafts for Teens include art projects, cool crafts and more. 45 arts and crafts for teens that are simple but so much fun. Get creative with these crafts teens and tweens will love. #onecrazymom #craftsforteens #teencrafts

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