We love to use essential oils for cleaning and try to use all natural products in our home. We have the best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting that you need to be using!

We love to use essential oils for cleaning and try to use all natural products in our home. We have the best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting.

Essential oils for cleaning

Essential oils are so useful and the ideas are endless. There are so many great ways to use essential oils and we have the best essential oils for cleaning to help you get started today.

You will love how simple and easy these ideas are. We are big fans of essential oils around here and you can learn even more about How to use Essential Oils. There are so many great ways to incorporate them into your daily routine.

From the Best Essential Oils for Relaxation and The Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth to 25 Lavender Essential Oil Uses, there are lots of useful ways to use essential oils.

Today, we are going to learn about the best essential oils for cleaning.

It seems that most store bought cleaning products are heavy laden with chemicals and fumes. I have never liked the idea of using that in my home and around the children.

This all led me to learning more about essential oils and how many can be used for cleaning and even disinfecting. There really isn’t any need to use all those chemicals in your home when something as simple as essential oils can do the job!

We love to use essential oils for cleaning and try to use all natural products in our home. We have the best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting.

Can you add essential oils to vinegar for cleaning?

Yes, you can! This is how we normally do it and a great way to make the cleaning solution and very cost efficient using white vinegar. Keep reading to find out how.

Tips for using essential oils for cleaning:

We like to put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and glass is best. You can purchase glass spray bottles here for a great deal.

You can order Glass Spray Bottles here in 16 oz. size which is perfect for the cleaning solution. I also  really like these bottles because they come with the chalk labels so you can keep up with what you put in each bottle.

The labels are nice so you know what is inside each bottle.

What is the best essential oil for cleaning?

Lemon is the best and our favorite essential oil for cleaning. Not only does it smell clean and fresh but it works amazingly well.

It is perfect to use for an all purpose cleaner and acts as an antiviral and antibacterial oil.

We love to use essential oils for cleaning and try to use all natural products in our home. We have the best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting.

Let’s get started with the top essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting:

I don’t know about you but it is time to clear the clutter and do a deep cleaning around the house. Instead of using commercial cleaning products, try giving your home a deep clean with essential oils.

If you are anxious to start, use this list that breaks down essential oils by property to help you spring clean with essential oils! Try a few ideas and see  just how easy it is. 

There are many essential oils that are great for cleaning and disinfecting but we are just listing the ones that work the best.

The Best antifungal essential oils for cleaning:

Try one of these essential oils for cleaning. They do a great job and have antifungal properties while also leaving your house smelling fresh and clean.

The Best antibacterial essential oils for cleaning:

Each of these have antibacterial properties and work perfectly for many uses around your home.

How do you use essential oils for cleaning?

Now that you know which essential oils are best, it it is time to put them to use. To make your own cleaners, use 8-10 drops of essential oils to 1 ounce of white vinegar.

Combine all ingredients. Shake well in a glass spray bottle and use it just as you would a normal cleaner.

I like to double the recipe and use 20 drops and 2 ounce vinegar.  You can easily make several different spray bottles with various oils.

We love orange essential oils, lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil. They are all wonderful but those are some favorites around here.

More cleaning recipes:

Try these essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting today!

You can easily get rid of your store bought cleaning products when you use essential oil for cleaning.  There are so many options for  naturally antibacterial essential oils.

Get started with green cleaning.  You will be amazed how easy it is!

We love to use essential oils for cleaning and try to use all natural products in our home. We have the best essential oils for cleaning and disinfecting.

We love using essential oils for cleaning.

It is so nice having so many natural options to give my family. You are going to love having so many natural products and ideas to use around your home.

The entire family will benefit from these essential oils and they are great for cleaning. Your budget will also benefit as well as you also use these all natural cleaners.

I also love the peace of mind of knowing exactly what I am using anytime I clean with these. It feels so good to have these natural products on hand to use at home around your family.

When we first started trying to incorporate more natural products into our lives, I only bought a few essential oils. I just did what time and budget allowed.

Feel free to try a blend and then you can buy a few more later and try something new if you would like.  No need to  get overwhelmed and try do it all at once.

We are always trying new all natural DIY recipes around here!

I love learning new ways to give my family natural products.  It saves money and keeps all the chemicals and less desirable ingredients out of our house.

A win for us all for sure! There are so many wonderful products to make.

One of my favorites is this  Brown Sugar DIY Body Scrub to help exfoliate dry skin. Your entire body will feel so smooth and silky.

We have a really easy DIY Face Mask for Acne that will improve the appearance of your skin and remove dead skin.

I know it may sound crazy but it really has changed us by using these natural products. It has all around made a huge difference in our day to day routines.

It is so important to take good care of ourselves. I am learning that it really shows and it is totally worth the extra effort.

Let us know how you enjoy this toner and any other of these fabulous all natural products you try.

Learn how to make Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe that will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky.

Learn how to make homemade bath salts that are luxurious and will leave your skin so soft and smooth.

Are you tired and achy? Try this DIY Sore Muscle Cream.  Not only does it feel amazing on tired and sore muscles, it smells so good and works great.

Give this All Natural Cocoa Butter Lip Balm recipe a try and it will quickly become your go to recipe! It is simple and inexpensive to make while keeping your lips moisturized all year long.

There are numerous Lavender essential oil uses that you need to know.

Try these other essential oil ideas:

Try these other natural ideas:

Try these other recipes

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