10 free Summer activities for kids they will love. Give these free Summer boredom busters a try for tons of fun all Summer.

Little girl blowing bubbles.

Free summer activities for kids

We all love doing fun activities with our children but the expense can add up quickly. This list of Summer ideas will help you think outside the box.

Find 10 fun Summer activities that don’t cost anything. We have got you covered with this Summer bucket list packed with amazing things to do.

Let the kids choose a free activity each day and be prepared for a Summer of fun.

What can you do in the summer with no money?

You might be surprised of all the fun things that are free. From free movies and State Parks to water fun and more, this is a jam packed list.

Many local summer camps offer free programs for children. It is worth checking out.

It is also a blast to play water games at home. Create a water blob or have a pool noodle fight.

Make homemade ice cream or a DIY bird feeder. You probably already have what you need.

Little girl blowing bubbles.

Summer Boredom Busters:

1. Play hide and seek

Yes, it has been around for ages. I still have found few things out there that brings all children together so quickly, regardless of who or where they came from.

Make sure you get involved with this one because kids will have even more fun.

2. Go to the local library

Nothing fosters a need to read like seeing all those books for the first time. Plus, the library has fun reading programs in the summer to encourage your kids to read.

Also, many libraries have free programs you can go to all Summer long.

3. Teach them about safety in the woods

This life skill is absolutely vital for a growing kid. Some ideas include: how to find their way out of the woods, how to build a fire, how to catch food and even what types of venomous animals live in their area.

It might save their lives one day and it is a lot of fun too.

4. Have a scavenger hunt

This is so much fun. Pick up twenty five items and write down what they are.

Hide them in a specified area, then give out copies of what the items are to all players. Send them out looking for all the items.

Whoever finds the most wins. It is tons of fun and can be done with any type of items.

5. Build a fort in the back yard and have a war

Yes, this is primarily a boy thing. Still, girls will get into it if you do it right. Just make sure that it has a story behind it and girls will be interested.

Finish the activity with a homemade popsicle.

6. Do a neighborhood talent show

I did this as a kid and it was always a really big deal. We would actually try to make a stage.

Usually, it was just some old curtains and the underside of a really tall porch or tree for a stage. We would invite all the parents in the neighborhood and then each of us would perform a special talent.

It was a ton of fun then and still is today.

Little girl blowing bubbles.

7. Have them read a book and then perform on stage

One of my daughters was struggling with reading comprehension. We came up with this as an idea to help her retain information.

She began enjoying her reading even more once she started trying to remember it to make a play out of it.

8. Have arts and crafts day

When the day is long and dragging, a box of crayons, markers, chalk or paints can make the entire day look very different.

Embrace their artistic side and they will too.

Make sure you check out some of my easy crafts for kids:

9. Buy some bubbles or make your own

I don’t care if you are 94 years old or two years old, everyone loves bubbles. Get some bubbles and let them have at it.

They are easy, fun and frugal. By the way, did you know you I have a post on how you can make your own bubbles?

10. Have at least one water balloon fight

Every summer, we have an epic water balloon fight. After a long summer, a water balloon fight seems perfectly appropriate.

Sometimes it is just the four of us, but other times we have included the whole neighborhood of kids.We have already had a water balloon fight and it was a blast!

Right now I am in love with these special water balloons. They will fill up 100 balloons AND tie them in just 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right…. no more crying over your fingers hurting after you have put together 20 balloons.

This is totally worth the money. You can purchase yours inexpensively.

Try one of these fun things to do during Summer.

Which one of these fun things to do during summer are you going to try this year? There are lots of great ideas.

You could even put them in a bucket on individual pieces of paper. When the kids start getting bored, pull one out and find out which one you are going to do.

This list is super fun. You can also head to the Dollar Store for fun ideas.

Get ready for a great summer with this list of boredom busters.

Kids in a pile in the grass.

More activities for kids:

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  1. Shelly says:

    These are great ideas! Last summer we purchased some squirt guns at the dollars tree. I had my kids make some cones out of heavy construction paper and had them make some bulls eyes on paper. Then we set up a squirt gun range for the kids. It was a big hit and inexpensive too.